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School Choice

Parents know their child best and should have the option to pick which school their child attends. Schools who depend on enrollment are more likely to provide the educational services parents want. School choice raises the quality of schooling our children receive. An educated child has greater opportunities to succeed and bring back that success to their community.


Flooding is the most common natural disaster. However, we can make adaptations that turn a disaster from a liability into an asset. We must change the way we build our city in a way that will help prevent flooding. Building water permeable sidewalks and driveways throughout the city will help absorb water into the ground, while parks can temporarily act as a water reservoir.

Lower Taxes

Lowering taxes raises disposable income, thereby allowing Americans to spend, save or invest more money. Donors will also have more money to give to organizations that directly impact their community.


Veterans fought to preserve our freedom, and deserve our respect. Many need support from their community when re-entering civilian life. Non-profits, like Paws for Heroes, help veterans by providing them with resources that can facilitate a transition to civilian life.


Food and shelter are not supplemental for the emotional support many homeless need. Non-governmental organizations offer resources that can help the homeless leave the streets for good.


City parks are beneficial to the community's health and environment. When properly engineered, parks can also be used as a water reservoir to keep the surroundings from flooding.


Government subsidized healthcare is costly and inefficient. Medical goods and services should be available for consumers to view and compare. Free-Market Medicine will help lower medical costs that consumers have to pay. Heath Savings Accounts (HSA) should be available to everyone, not just for high deductible insurance plans.

Oil and Gas

Energy is needed to power homes, businesses and transport. Natural gas is needed to keep homes warm when power outages occur. Likewise, oil is critical for transport of goods and people. In 2020, Texas was the largest producer of crude oil. Without oil and gas, there would not be enough energy to power the state....unless we use nuclear energy that is.


Small businesses are the heart of the American dream, and where many innovations begin. However, the government's overreach slows entrepreneurship and kills small businesses. Lifting heavy regulations and cutting taxes will help businesses grow again.

Pro-2nd Amendment

Every American has the right to bear arms and defend themselves. Whether it is used for self-defense, hunting or to deter a tyrannical government from rising to power, every gun owner will keep their firearms. No government buybacks, ever!


Life begins at conception, and ending a life is immoral. Women's physical and mental health are important, but not at the expense of an innocent being. Houston's Health Centers offer educational and medical resources to help make informed decisions.

Pro-Border Security

The open border caused a dangerous increase in human trafficking this year. Drug cartels profit off of using trafficked women and children to smuggle drugs across the border. America must take back control from the cartel.